Hair n’ Nails Detox

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♥ Cupcake in a cup
♥ Very high in antioxidants
♥ Contains acid alpha and hydroxy acid
♥ Contains zinc, calcium, copper and potassium
♥ Optimal for hair n’ nail growth


21 reviews for Hair n’ Nails Detox

  1. Lauren

    Delishhhh 😋😋😋

  2. Maria

    Can you say delishhhhh. Yes, this tea not only works but it taste amazing. I saw their dedicated product page when I first bought it and I was like no way this product has over 1000 reviews but I am telling you it deserves it. So I had to come here and place my review as I bought it from a different link with a discount code. SOOO good and it works.

  3. sophia

    I know you read the review but this is a must-try!

  4. amira

    I don’t know what to say about this tea other than I LOVE IT! This is my go to tea in the afternoon when I need a treat or I am feeling like I need sugar. You will not be disappointed with the taste or with the results. I posted pictures on instagram and everyone wants to know why my hair is so shiny 🙂 My secret – THIS TEA! Thank you SkinnyT for this tasty treat.

  5. Alice

    If you don’t try anything else you have to try this tea. I cannot rave enough about this tea. The taste is delicious like if you are eating a cupcake plus my hair is shinny and getting longer by the months. I truly love this tea. I do they detox program but this is just too much to pass on.

  6. Silvia

    Detox that tastes great plus beautifies me! yeey!

  7. Charlotte

    Can you pls bundle this tea with the Radian Skin?

  8. Kelly

    I got my detox hair n’ nails and i am ordering more before finishing … enough said 🙂

  9. Lorena


  10. Bella

    High in antioxidants and taste amazing!! This does not feel like a detox 😋

  11. steph

    I never thought that losing weight could taste this good. I have the detox bundle and this tea in the afternoon. A must try!

  12. Isabella

    Absolutely delicious

  13. Lucy

    Me telling you does no justice to this tea OMG the smell, the taste the results!

  14. Kesha

    My nails are growing, my hair is shiny and I am losing weight – the hype is real

  15. Olivia

    This tea taste sooooo good! The Rooibos tea is a type of herbal tea that may be especially effective when it comes to fat-burning – This is a detox ppl yes it tastes great and it burns fat! I am seeing results plus my hair looks so shiny.🥰

  16. Leah

    great tasting detox

  17. Sandra

    Can you pls fill my order.. it was on backorder and I don’t have it yet

  18. Dasha

    I had to google all this tea ingredients once I got it. I didn’t believe this could actually work but it does. I am losing weight and getting a treat.

  19. Ava

    Thank you for this tea! Best detox tea on the market!

  20. Audrey


  21. Dayna


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